Welcome to Marc Sommerville's                                          Professional Teaching Portfolio

Children today are bombarded with more information, images, and sounds than at any other time in history. It is my responsibility as a professional educator to provide my students with engaging, meaningful, and dynamic lessons in a safe, caring, and respectful environment.


I have been teaching children and adults for over ten years and have been a professional teacher since June 2007. Since then, I have continued to enhance and develop my teaching practice by attending and facilitating workshops and seminars, while working with fellow teachers and administrators to learn new methods for assessment, teaching, and the evaluation of student needs, skills, and levels of achievement.


I have a proven record in teaching a dynamic range of people of all ages, in various multi-cultural classroom settings and environments. I have extensive experience using and maintaining computers and other technological devices that I incorporate into my lesson and unit planning, including the use of Smart Boards, computer labs, online school message boards and other web-based student resources. I sing, write songs, play piano and guitar, and have experience with public performances and public speaking. I am fluent in French from attending the Toronto French School for the first eight years of my school life. I also provide children with special needs an inclusive learning experience in my classrooms and have had training in special education.


My goal is to continue to expand and develop my teaching practice so that I may better serve the needs of my students. I will continue to devote my time, both in and outside the classroom, to further enhance their academic, social, and emotional development. I am committed to working with fellow teachers and administrators to prepare today's students for the challenges that lie ahead - to broaden their perspectives, nurture their love for learning, inspire their curiosity, and help them fulfill their greatest potential in our global community.