02/07/2011 00:14

From August 2009 to February 2011, I was a grade four teacher at one of the most well-known and reputable private immersion schools in Korea. In my second year, I was the grade four Team Leader and was responsible for long and short-term team planning with three other grade four teachers. I created and taught English-language lessons in the language arts, math, science, social studies, drama, music, and computers. I developed a variety of assessment tools including checklists, rubrics, and tests. I planned units of study using the PYP Learner Traits model of instruction and Unit Design.

I communicated daily with students and parents on our school-wide message board, and completed extensive report cards twice a year for each student. I also initiated cooperative planning with Korean co-teachers to synchronize curriculum expectations. I planned and presented a professional development workshop on literature circles and debate. I also organized and led a grade four field trip for 144 students.

In my classroom, my students were focused, engaged, and well aware of the high expectations set for them. I established clear and consistent routines, guidelines, and behavioral consequences. Students were continually praised for their on-task and respectful actions, while being given clear choices and opportunities to make adjustments when off-task or uncooperative.

My students were motivated, supported, and disciplined in a safe and caring classroom environment. They developed not only their English-language skills, but also learned social skills and ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings clearly and appropriately.


You can learn more about Young Hoon from their website here.