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02/04/2012 09:35
I have been hired as a Core French teacher for grades 7 and 8 at Joseph Brant Senior School.

Occasional Teaching - T.D.S.B.

02/03/2012 11:05
I have been teaching at a variety of schools in various grades and subjects including kindergarten, grades 1, 2, and 4, music, library, and gym. 

More AQ Courses!

01/02/2012 02:25
I am currently completing two AQ courses: Special Education Part I and English as a Second Language Part I.


20/11/2011 00:34
In collaboration with a fellow teacher, my class has begun corresponding with students from Birobidzhan - a Jewish Autonomous Region in Russia.

Speaking Competition - First Place!

08/10/2011 14:20
In my second Toastmasters competition, I won first place as a Table Topic speaker and will represent Area 20 at the National Conference competition in November. Click here to see the speech. 
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